As market volatility and economic uncertainty continue to plague the marketplace, clients are exploring ways to support their future planning, especially as they consider phases of accumulation and distribution of assets.

The guarantees offered by today's fixed, single premium immediate and equity index annuities should be considered as valuable components of any financial plan.


Product Offerings

  • Allianz Life
  • American Equity
  • American General
  • American National
  • Athene Annuity
  • Fidelity & Guarantee
  • Great American
  • Integrity Life
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • North American
  • Principal Life
  • Protective Life
  • State Life**
  • Standard Insurance

** SPIA'S not available

Service Offerings

  • Case Design
  • Product Updates & Sales Concepts
  • Spreadsheet Analysis
  • Training & Education
  • Access to Industry Experts

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