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Will you reach the age of 65 within the next year or so? If the answer is yes, now is the perfect time to research your Medicare supplement insurance plan options. It is very important to get an early start on understanding what is available to you within the Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage market. There is a specific portfolio of Medicare options available in Newark, NJ. The time to educate yourself about those options is right now.

To start, let’s review Medicare supplement basics. Following, we will review 3 important tips to acquiring a quality Medicare Supplement plan in Newark.

So, What Exactly Is A Medicare Supplement Plan?

To make a smart Medicare Supplement purchase you are going need to know a great deal about this line of coverage, as well as how you actually benefit by having it.  In a nutshell, Medicare supplement coverage is insurance for medical circumstances that are either partially covered by traditional Medicare, or not covered by Medicare at all.  Traditional Medicare coverage is comprehensive.  However it does not cover everything.  If your only protection against medical bills is traditional Medicare, and you suffer a medical misfortune that requires surgery or a hospital stay, you can rack up a sizable medical bill rather quickly.  Most people are stunned by the costs associated with even the most modest of medical procedures.  Protection against this potential financial burden is essential.  A Medicare Supplement plan is designed to do exactly that.

Good to know:  Read bills carefully.  Up to 50 percent of your doctor or hospital bills may contain mistakes that end up costing you money, says Jane Cooper, president of Patient Care, a consumer advocacy group in Milwaukee.  Something as simple as an incorrect billing code could prompt your insurance to pay less than expected or even reject your claim.  Other common errors: mistakes in an account number, claims with incomplete information - even claims sent to the wrong insurance company address by a doctor.  Read your benefits booklet carefully to make sure your plan is paying all it should.  If you catch an error, send a certified letter to your insurer.  Follow up in a few weeks to make sure the mistake is corrected.
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While Traditional Medicare is provided by the U.S. government, Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap plans), are offered through private companies.

Medicare supplement plans can only be purchased to supplement Traditional Medicare. They cannot be purchased for any other purpose.  If you do not have Traditional Medicare coverage, you cannot purchase a Medicare Supplement plan.  This is true in New Jersey and anywhere else in the U.S.

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Medicare Supplement Coverage Eligibility in Newark, New Jersey.

You must meet a few essential requirements to be eligible for a Medigap plan in the state of New Jersey.  Let's take a look at the conditions you must satisfy.

First off, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.  If you are not enrolled in Both Part A and Part B of Original Medicare, you will not be able to purchase a Medicare supplement plan.

Secondly, in almost every case, you need to be age 65 or older to be eligible for Medigap insurance.  However, in New Jersey, Medigap insurance companies are required to offer at least one type of Medicare supplement insurance plan to individuals who, through specific disabilities, are eligible for early Medicare.

A few circumstances that will preclude you from being eligible to purchase a Medicare supplement plan:

  • If You Are Covered By A Medicare Advantage Plans.  If you are already covered by an HMO, PPO, or Private Fee-for-Service Advantage Plan, you are not eligible for Medigap insurance.
  • If You Are Covered By Medicaid.  You cannot augment your Medicaid coverage with a Medicare supplement plan.
  • If You Are Covered By Veterans' Benefits.  Like Medicaid, Veterans' benefit coverage cannot be supplemented by a Medicare Supplement plan.

Good to know:  Get copies of all your medical test results and records.  Bringing those with you to consultations can cut the number of tests and office visits you need.  Often, if you've had a test recently, there is no need to repeat it.  Plus, if you visit a doctor with test results in hand, she can advise you immediately rather than needing to set up another appointment after test results arrive.

3 Tips To Finding A Quality Medicare Supplement Plan

Finding a quality Medicare supplement plan need not be difficult.  Though it can be overwhelming at first, by following the tips below, you should be able to easily find a great plan plan. 

  • Tip #1: Research Medicare Supplement plan styles.

First, you'll need to research the different Medicare Supplement plans available.  Currently, there are ten different supplement plans available: A – N.

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  • Tip #2:  Review plan pricing

Once you've chosen the plan type that fits your needs, you should start shopping insurance companies that offer that plan.

  • Visit the New Jersey Department of Insurance.

Visit the New Jersey Department of Insurance website.  Here, you will find a wealth of information pertaining to the insurance companies who offer Medicare supplement coverage in Newark, New Jersey.  Use this resource for official insurance information.

  • Tip #3:  Contact The Insurance Companies That Serve Newark, NJ

Don't be afraid to make some phone calls.  Be sure ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable about selecting a plan.

The Bottom Line

Educating yourself ahead of time on the Medicare Supplement options that are available in New Jersey, will make it so much easier to find the right plan for your needs.

Medi-Solutions.com is here to help.  Our insurance professionals have years of experience helping consumers find the right plan for their needs and budget.  call now.

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