Medicare Supplement Plan Changes For 2020.

Most every new year, there are changes to Medicare, as well as changes to Medicare supplement benefits and options.  2020 is no exception.  This article will highlight the changes to the portfolio of Medicare Supplement plans for 2020. (Also known as Medigap plans.)

Some Medicare Plans will not be offered in 2020.

If you reach the age of 65 in 2020, Medicare Supplement plan C and Medicare Supplement plan F will not be available to you.  Plans C and F have been removed from the portfolio of Medicare supplement plan options for 2020.  This change only effects consumers who become eligible for Medicare in 2020.  If you've reached the age of 65 prior to 2020, both Medicare plans C and F will still be purchasable options.  Also, if you are currently enrolled in either of these plans, nothing will change.  You may keep your Medicare Plan C or Medicare Plan F coverage indefinitely.

Why these plans are no longer offered.

Medicare plans C and F are no longer available due to a change in federal law.  Beginning in 2020, coverage for Medicare's Part B deductible will no longer be permitted in Medigap policies sold to people who are newly eligible for Medicare.  Plans C and F covered the Medicare Part B annual deductible.

Although Plan F and C are no longer available for future 65-year-olds, there are viable alternatives.  Plan G provides the same coverage as the F Plan, minus the coverage for the annual Part B deductible.  There is also a new Plan G High Deductible plan available and offered by some insurance carriers.  The new G High Deductible plan makes for a good replacement for the popular Plan F High Deductible plan.  Of course, the difference is, the Medicare Part B annual deductible is not covered.

Reasonable alternatives to Medicare Plan C supplement plan, are the Medicare Plan N, or the Medicare Plan D options.

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