Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Indemnity

Did you know that people diagnosed with cancer were 2.5 times more likely to file for bankruptcy?* Over 60% of medical costs related to cancer, heart attack and strokes are not covered by health insurance. Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke insurance is designed to help you pay both medical and non-medical expenses so you can focus on getting well. Because it pays a lump sum, the insured doesn’t have to worry about submitting receipts or getting reimbursed for their expenses. You can use your lump-sum payment however you like! There are no restrictions on how you spend your check. The payment is very affordable - for some policies and age groups, to find out if you qualify, call us today!

* Health Affairs, May 2013, "Washington State Cancer Patients Found to be at Greater Risk for Bankruptcy than People Without a Cancer Diagnosis", Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.



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