Medicare Part A

Part A is Hospital Insurance and covers cost associated with confinement in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

When you are
hospitalized for:

Medicare Covers

You Pay

1-60 Days

Most confinement costs after the required Medicare Deductible

$1,556 Part A Deductible

61-90 Days

 All eligible expenses, after the patient pays a per-day copayment.


91-150 Days

All eligible expenses, after patient pays per-day copayment.
(These Are Liftetime Reserve Days Which may never be used again.)


151 days or more


You Pay All Cost

Skilled Nursing Confinement:
When you are hospitalized for at least 3 days and enter a Medicare Approved skilled nursing facility within 30 days after a hospital discharge and are receiving skilled nursing care.

All eligible expenses for the first 20 days; then all eligible expenses, (if you qualify), for days 21-100, after patient pays a per day copayment.

After 20 days

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